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Five ways to get your kids to say YES to the Masjid

We’ve all been there, long day at work, ate dinner and feeling extremely lazy and then the athan is called. We feel stress, busy and so much pressure that we feel like going to the masjid is a burden, so how would our kids feel?

Honor your teen’s feelings.

Our kids like us are stretched too thin. School, tutoring, work, chores, homework and then we ask them to join us on a ride to the masjid. Let them have some space to voice their concerns about the masjid without giving them a guilt trip. Allowing our kids to express their opinion makes them feel accepted and free of judgement. Ask yourself if they can ask hard questions or share doubts without being scolded or even disciplined?

Ask your children where they prefer to go to jummuah or where they feel comfortable praying. Maybe the center they like has a young Imam who really connects with them.

Volunteer together

Do your kids just come to the masjid to pray or are there any educational, social or recreational activities that they can participate in? Too often our masajid are more of musallahs with grumpy old people rather than a vibrant place to feel welcome and give back. There needs to be opportunity for families to worship their Creator by serving humanity, TOGETHER.

Come up with ten community service projects that families can do together at the masjid.

Babysitting, serve meals, stock the food pantry, visit the sick, do some outreach!

Help your family members discover their hidden talents and make them feel useful.

Explore different Masajid

Don’t just visit one masjid! Go to different community masajid and when on vacation be sure to explore different masajid in the area you are visiting.

Live Islam, outside the masjid

Our kids can spot hypocrisy from a mile away. Be sure to practice our faith outside of the masjid. Kids need to see us practicing our faith in private.


If your teen resists the masjid, this is a sign that their hearts may have hardened. Ask Allah swt to soften their hearts and open their mind to the masjid. Dua changes things, especially when it comes from the heart of a concerned parent.

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