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5 Tips to Beat Procrastination

Sometimes we are afraid of failing, or afraid of our own success. Rather than just waiting for the perfect moment, we have to just go for it.

  1. Have a to do list and "eat the frog" first. Don't just do the simple tasks which will make you feel unaccomplished. Circle the top thing of the top three tasks and that is your FROG, so eat it.

  2. Wake up two hours before you leave for work. Will power strongest in morning. Like a cell phone battery that drains.

  3. Delete TV and useless apps that don’t bring value. "Newsfeed eradicator" chrome extension that gets rid of Youtube suggestions and cleans up your FB newsfeed too.

  4. Think of opportunity of more energy, better health, more confidence.

  5. Feeling tired or lazy? Move your body. Run up and down the stairs to get more energy by getting your heart pumpin.

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