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Inspiring Muslim families to LIVE their Faith by connecting them to the Quran.


Islamic courses, workshops on various Quranic topics designed for Muslim youth and families. Knowledge retreats called ilmscapes.


A safe and friendly environment to build brotherhood and friendships that inspire families to become people of the Quran.


Develop love for your Creator and opportunities to help purify your soul using a Quranic methodology.


Learn how to call others to Islam the way the Prophet Muhammad (saw) did it, through the Quran.  Dawah tables, activities and workshops.


Service to Humanity by serving them with the intention of empowering them to become contributing members of society. 

  • Fri, Mar 05
    Zoom Meeting
    Mar 05, 6:15 PM – 7:45 PM
    Zoom Meeting
    Join over 50 professionals share their experience and help you decide what career path you'd like embark upon.
  • Sun, Mar 07
    Pioneer Express Trail in Auburn
    Mar 07, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Pioneer Express Trail in Auburn, Auburn, CA, USA
    Please bring a lunch, snacks and water. The hike is 7.7 miles round trip so please be prepared. There will be plenty of stops along the way inshaAllah.
  • Sat, Mar 27
    Muir Beach
    Mar 27, 9:00 AM PDT – Mar 28, 8:00 PM PDT
    Muir Beach, Muir Beach, CA, USA
    HWY 1 Road trip from SF to Redwoods National Park with Tafseer Pitstops along the way. Meet up at Muir Beach at 9 AM. Topic will be the Tafseer of Surah Al-Mulk. You must reserve your own hotel or campground for one night in Eureka. All food and gas expenses will be on the individuals going.
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What is ilmscape?

Ilmscape's vision is to revolutionize the way Muslim youth and family camps are organized. By bringing authentic Islamic knowledge, team building activities and the great outdoors together, our ilmscapers have an experience of a lifetime.  Essentially it's a FUN Knowledge ESCAPE..

Who is it for?

We feel that the modern world has distanced us from nature's beauty. We provide every ilmscaper with a safe environment away from distractions to focus on bettering themselves by becoming better Muslims and better versions of themselves. Families that want to get out of their normal routine and do activities together benefit from ilmscape the most.  Brothers and sisters 10 and up really enjoy their time at ilmscape, in the past we have allowed younger kids to join under the supervision of their parents.

What makes ilmscape Special?

ilmscape is more than just your average Muslim youth camp. It is an environment where you will learn, have fun, build friendships and get connected to your creator. We empower youth and help them FEEL Muslim while enjoying healthy meals, campfires, hikes, praying together, Quran recitation sessions, poetry contests, movies, team building activities and much more packed into a weekend.

About Waseem

Waseem is a graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors in Islamic Studies with the Islamic University of North America. His passion is working with young Muslims to revive a sense of belonging and love of their deen. He has committed himself to teaching Islamic Studies and working with Muslim youth. He has an engaging style of speaking and instruction which youth and adults really enjoy.


His Islamic studies background also includes completing an Islamic studies certificate program, designed for young leaders from America in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. He has also studied in various intensive courses in Dawah, Arabic, Tajweed, Tafseer and Hadeeth studies and holds an Ijazah in the recitation of the Qur'an.  

Camping Site in Mountains

Very knowledgeable about what he is teaching and is very creative! He knows how to have fun in class with an interactive style

MashAllah he knows a lot and his teaching method is very effective, learned a lot in his class.

He keeps class interesting, makes jokes, and makes himself relatable. Great at leading discussions and I would recommend him to others.

Awesome teacher who makes studying our religion very fun and interesting. I doubt that I'll ever have a teacher more creative than Br. Waseem.


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