This book is the first of it's kind. It aims to provide Muslim educators and parents with easy to implement lesson plans for all ages. Ten years of the author's dynamic teaching style are compiled in this book. Adding this book to your teaching repertoire will provide you with interactive lessons and out of the box ideas to bring Islamic studies ALIVE in your classroom or home!


This book is designed to: 

  • Generate lively discussions. 

  • Reinforce fundamentals of Islam in an enjoyable way. 

  • Get blood rushing to the brain with fun, educational activities. 

  • Get kids to put away their books and out of their seats for exhilarating activities.

  • Win back students and children that have tuned you out.

  • Each lesson is fun, creative, inexpensive and easy to implement!

  • Don't let your students ever sleep in your class again!

Big Book of Islamic Lessons

  • Unfortunately, at this time no returns will be processed. If you don't like any aspect of the book please let me know InshaAllah you'll find this book very useful.

  • Please give me 5 days to mail the book and another 7-10 days for it to arrive.