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"Islamic studies is sooo boring!" 


Are you a Muslim parent or teacher that complains about their kids being bored when you teach them about Islam? There are many theories of why this is the case and have been discussed in conferences for years. After teaching for eleven years I realized the problem in not with the curriculum but rather the way it is presented. After all, blaming the curriculum will be finding fault in the Quran, Hadeeth and our illustrious history. 

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This book is the first of it's kind. It aims to provide Muslim educators and parents with easy to implement lesson plans for all ages. Ten years of the author's dynamic teaching style are compiled in this book. Adding this book to your teaching repertoire will provide you with interactive lessons and out of the box ideas to bring Islamic studies ALIVE in your classroom or home!


This book is designed to: 

  • Generate lively discussions. 

  • Reinforce fundamentals of Islam in an enjoyable way. 

  • Get blood rushing to the brain with fun, educational activities. 

  • Get kids to put away their books and out of their seats for exhilarating activities.

  • Win back students and children that have tuned you out.

  • Each lesson is fun, creative, inexpensive and easy to implement!

  • Don't let your students ever sleep in your class again!

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This easy to understand explanation of Surah Al-Qassas will surely bring Quranic Studies ALIVE! No more having to dig through dozens of resources to teach your student or child the Quran. All of the lessons have been tried and tested in a classroom setting and paced accordingly. Whether you are a parent of a homeschooler, teacher at a Sunday or full-time school, or just someone who wants to connect to the Quran themselves this is the book for you!

  • Easy to implement and well structured lesson plans

  • Word to Word Translation

  • Explanation of the Quran in a simple relevant format

  • Activities, resources and discussions in each lesson

  • Important vocabulary and root words

  • A quiz at the end of each lesson to check understanding

Big Book of Islamic Lessons Reviews

"Loved the book!" Imam Suhaib Webb


These interactive lessons aim to help Muslim educators and parents implement lesson plans for all ages. The author's decade long dynamic teaching style is compiled in this book, designed to generate lively discussions, reinforce fundamentals of Islam in an enjoyable way, educational activities, and to win back students' interest. The book contains over 100 lessons that educators, Imams, parents and youth workers can use.

Islamic Horizons 


Fun, exciting, interactive, real, down to earth, and authentic. This is the next generation in Islamic Textbooks. Ustadh Waseem wrote this textbook with the second generation youth in mind. He focuses on the issues that matter. Imaan (Faith), Love for Allah and the Prophet, building a relationship with the Qur'an and comprehending its message. This is a must have for a parent or Islamic school teacher. Its time to reconnect with our kids before we lose them.

What I liked was how the internet, youTube and beneficial websites are incorporated into the lessons. Today's kids are online and we need to guide them to the right places. Also, the references to our noble imams and helping our kids connect to them. May Allah accept from this work.

Imam Faisal, New York


I teach Islamic studies and this is a great resource to have. Lessons are well written and organized. My students love the lessons because it takes "boring" out of the equation



Fun filled activities! a must have for any kids' islamic school or weekend program!



This resource is the dream of every principal, teacher and parent who has a passion for teaching character building and Islamic themes in the most productive and engaging way. May Allah accept the efforts of Brother Waseem Peracha.

Amina Murad


I really loved the content so much! There are a lot of activities included that can be used for home and schools. I gave my copy to a friend who has a pre-school and hope she will be able to use it fully. JazakAllah khayr. May Allah bless your effort!

Putri Khaled - Malaysia


I teach Islamic studies and this is a great resource to have. Lessons are well written and organized. My students love the lessons because it takes "boring" out of the equation.

Qurat Bhutta


I would like to say JazakumuAllahu Khairan for such a great book. It enriches the classroom with the most creative ideas that support an interactive educational environment. I truly enjoyed reading each page. I definitely recommend it to every Islamic studies teacher. May Allah (swt) multiply your rewards..

Shareen Ali 


Everything I could ask for as a Sunday School teacher. The lessons are creative, well organized, and yet leave space for individual creativeness depending on different students and class environments. I look forward to using these ideas with my students in sha Allah!

Ahmad Badr


I bought this book a few months ago, and it has SAVED MY LIFE!
This book has refreshed my mind with ideas and soaring creativity in my projects at our Full Time Islamic School.

This book will give you SO many ideas that you NEVER would've thought of on teaching the youth and young adults around the most simplest and yet most important aspects of our beautiful religion in the FUNNEST of ways! 


They have projects in here for young children to ADULTS. Everything from getting the youth around interacting with beautiful and fun knowledge from the Life of the Prophet, Hadeeth of the Prophet, Knowing his Companions, as well as concepts like Haya (Beautiful Modesty) Generosity, Courage, and honesty!  Must Buy this Book!

Abdullah Elasmar


Big Book of Quranic Lessons Reviews

I have reviewed this book and have found it to be an invaluable resource for a teacher looking to diversify activities within the classroom based upon the stories mentioned in the Quran. In particular, Surah Qasas holds many Life lessons for a growing mind, from the perspective of dealing with a society which doesn't agree with ones morals and teachings, invitation to those furthest from Islam, one's moral conduct around the opposite gender, in addition to many other aspects of spiritual growth. I highly recommend this Book to student and teacher alike.
Imam Zia Sheikh, Ph.D.


The informal, relatable, style of this book gives a refreshing new twist to understanding the Quran and hadeeth. 

Hafsa Khan, 16


Very clear and easy to understand, keeping it interesting to young adults.

Rida Anjum, 16


Offers interactive lessons to keep all audiences engaged and interested.

Saniya Mohiuddin, 17


The book is very well structured.

Rida, 14


The book was simple and easy to follow. 

Maryam Mohammed, 14


Waseem Peracha, who has taught Islamic studies and worked as a youth coordinator for more than a decade, offers an easy-to-understand explanation of Surah Al-Qassas. His approach is that instead of searching through dozens of resources, the Quran instructor should use lessons that have already been tried and tested in a classroom setting and paced accordingly. Every unit focuses on verses in a clear readable text, which make it suitable for a parent, homeschooler, a teacher at a Sunday or full time time school, or those who want to connect to the Quran on their own. The book features easy to implement and well structured lesson plans, word to word translations, explanation of the Quran, activities, resources, discussions, important vocabulary and root words, as well as a quiz at the end of each lesson.

Islamic Horizons Magazine


The different religions of the world fascinate me, so I’ve made it my mission to learn about as many of them as I can, as thoroughly as I can. When I decided that my next point of research would be the Quran, The big book of Quranic Lessons was one of the books I decided to read. It actually turned out to be my favorite of all the different books I read regarding the Quran (and there were quite a few of them). It was easy to follow, had great information, and helped me understand in a way the other books didn’t; I loved it and will definitely be reading it again someday.



This is the best companion book to the Quran that I’ve ever read, or used to help teach the Quran to those who want to learn more about it. I’ve personally read the Quran more than once, but I know that not everyone wants to read through the entire thing, or some just need help understanding, so when someone asks for a recommendation for a book like this, I always recommend The big book of Quranic Lessons.



Masha Allah what a wonderful book, bidhnillah essential for Sunday Schools and even for Masjid Circles. A way to keep the congregation engaged with learning the Quran, it's meaning and lessons.
Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez, Texas


Very happy I bought this book. So beneficial alhamduillah and love how word to word translation is included for easy memorization. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to study the in-depth tafsir of this surah. JazakAllah Khair brother Waseem Peracha. May Allah swt reward and accept from you. Ameen.

Muslimah, USA

What I LOVE about this is the fact that it exists! We may have YouTube videos on this, weekend seminars, but never a book!
A book that explains in depth ayah by ayah, not just the meaning but the practical applications through physical hands on learning of activities, along with quizzes and lessons!

This is a must have for any parent, older sibling, new aunt or uncle, teacher, principal, Khateeb, or Muslim in general who understands their reponsibility to learn and teach as our prophet said!

Explained clearly, organized effectively, and presented simply.

Abdullah Elasmar


May Allah grant you success in this endeavor! It is a noble effort and I agree very much with the scurrying description of teachers you present at the front of the book. May Allah accept this from you.
Shaza Khan

I have checked the book and found the book to be very beneficial.
Mufti N. Patel